Ice Cream Sandwich Now Available For AT&T Galaxy Note And Galaxy S II Skyrocket

With all this talk of Jelly Bean lately, it’s easy to forget that most users are still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich. Well, that wait is finally over for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note as well as the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, according to AT&T. Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for both devices via Samsung’s Kies software and instructions for downloading include:

  1. Depending on your device, visit either or
  2. Download and Install the Samsung Kies Upgrade Program on your PC.
  3. Connect your device to your PC and follow the instructions on Samsung Kies to get the update.

Once you’ve gone ahead and updated, you’ll be able to start enjoying all the benefits of Android 4.0, along with a “Premium Suite” for Galaxy Note users. You’ve already waited long enough, hit up the links above or the source link below and get your Ice Cream Sandwich on.