Douches Are Already Trying To Profit Off Their Free I/O Gifts [Rant]

Every year, soulless leaches attend I/O for one reason and one reason only: the free devices. Then these douches proceed to rape overzealous tech enthusiasts who couldn’t make it to I/O. This year is no different, and if you do a quick search for Google I/O over on Ebay, you’ll see the douchery is in full force.

Some of these scum of the earth leaches are marking up their FREE products 100+% from retail. It sickens me to see this kind of extortion, although, if someone is willing to pay that kind of money for a product they just have to have now, I suppose a fool and his money…

If you’re attending Google I/O, then you should either be a developer, student, or press/blogger of some sort. This is why Google rewards you with these products, you’re the exact kind of userbase that is supposed to be taking these products and learning from them, showing others how to use them, and developing new ways to make them awesome — not pawning them for a profit!

U Mad Bro! Yea I’m mad, and while you’re free to do what you want with your FREE gifts, trying to extort others is plain nauseating and I hope you choke on my bile.