Google Play Galaxy Nexus Listing: “Soon The First Phone With Android 4.1 Jell…”

It’s safe to say that Jelly Bean is now officially out of the bag, and we have the official Google Play Store to thank. Earlier in the day, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus listing included a description that outed Android 4.1 and also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be the first phone to get the tasty treat.

The description has since been removed, but not before numerous folks were able to catch screen shots of the blunder. There you have it folks, Jelly Bean will be Android 4.1, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be getting it “soon” — let’s just hope Verizon got that memo.

That’s one piece of info we can expect to be revealed at Google I/O next week. One down, a few more to go.