LG Makes A Smart Move By Canning Tablet Development And Focusing On Smartphones

LG has made a wise decision to halt all tablet development in favor of focusing on its smartphones. LG is already a company lagging behind in the mobile wars, and frankly, releasing any Android tablet other than the Nexus 7 at this point, is like tossing it straight into the recycling bin.

LG is ranked number 4 among mobile manufacturers (right underneath Apple) and avoiding the failure-ridden Android tablet market is a wise decision for a company who already has a multitude of electronic products to focus on. If LG can use the resources it will gain from dropping tablet development and put it into its mobile phones, they could have a chance at moving up the ranks.

We’ll have to wait and see how this affects LG’s overall mobile position, but one thing’s for sure: they won’t be losing money on failed tablets anymore.