The Philadelphia Eagles Sign Five 3-Star Free Agents For The Upcoming NFL Season [Video]

This NFL season is about to get squawky thanks to Andy Reid and his decision to sign five new free agents to the Philadelphia Eagles. At a brief press conference, Andy Reid announced the five newest players, and boy were they an Angry bunch. Newly signed Red Bird, Bomb Bird, Yellow Bird, Terrence, and The Mighty Philadelphia Eagle, are ready to crush all the swine populating the NFC East.

“we want to take out our anger on The Pigs… uh… I mean foes of the NFC East” – Red Bird

Bent on total destruction, Andy Reid and is his new army of angry aviators are ready to take the Eagles all the way. While the little squawkers had quite a bit to say, it was the mystery behind Andy Reid’s secret weapon, The Mighty Philadelphia Eagle, that had the press speechless and ducking for cover.

This latest partnership between the Philadelphia Eagles and Rovio will include an Eagles-centric Angry Birds game to be launched in the fall, along with an aggressive marketing campaign set to spread across the NFL like the bird flu.

This partnership delves into uncharted waters for Rovio and the NFL alike, and Ari Roitman, the Eagles’ senior vice president of business, said they want first dibs:

“This is, for them, a test the waters type of a partnership and we desperately wanted to go first,” Roitman said. “We did not want anyone else in this country to have a partnership with these guys before we did. It’s a pretty competitive avian sports nickname landscape out there.

Let’s hope this doesn’t catch on or the NFL might end up like Nascar: a bunch of teams and players with product endorsements plastered all over their uniforms (we already have enough advertisements between plays guys).

You can check out the press announcement below.