Android Summer Edition: Comic-Con Android Mini Collectibles Invading Comic-Con In July

If you’re fortunate enough to be attending this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a couple limited edition Android mini collectibles by Andrew Bell. We’ve featured a few of Andrew’s mini-collectibles here on Cult of Android, but this it the first time we’re seeing the Summer Edition: Comic-Con Variant Set.

This set includes two Android mini collectibles, each sporting a summer theme. There’s Fandroid: the quintessential Comic-Con attendee sporting Star Trek attire, lanyard, and attendee badge. And then there’s Griller: your meat grilling warrior, sporting Hawaiian shorts, a condiment soaked apron, and his weapon of choice — a shiny stainless steel spatula.

The only way you’re going to get one of these is to rush over to DKE, booth #4728 from July 11-15th at the International Comic-Con. There are only 1000 sets, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Each set will cost $25 (CA tax included), and ensure your Android mini collectible collection is the envy of Android enthusiasts around the globe.

If you’ll be attending Comic-Con, shoot us an email and perhaps you can pick us up a couple sets to give away to a few lucky readers (of course you’ll be rewarded for your good deed). I’m so jelly.