Andy Rubin: There Are Over 900,000 Android Devices Activated Each Day

Andy Rubin slipped us some profound Android numbers while squashing a rumor regarding his possible departure from Google. According to Rubin, there are now over 900,000 Android devices being activated each day! To put things in perspective, more Android devices are being activated each day than:

  • There are citizens in the state of South Dakota
  • There are AAA customers
  • Dennis Rodman owes in child support
  • The total cost of the American suspense/horror film Pyscho
  • Farmville sells virtual tractors in a day

This is an astounding milestone and one that seems to continue growing. It won’t be long before over 1 million Android devices are being activated each day. Around a thousand Android devices have already been activated since you started reading this.

It’s becoming an Android world, and we’re glad to hear the man behind it has no plans of leaving.