Here We Go Again: Apple Files Complaint With ITC After Failing To Keep HTC Devices Out Of The U.S.

You may remember the brief delay HTC devices suffered after being held up at Customs thanks to an investigation into whether or not HTC had was in violation of a patent infringement ruling Apple won against them back in December. Well, the ITC decided everything was kosher and the HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE were given the go ahead for entry. Apparently Apple isn’t too happy about it and has now filed a complaint seeking a full ban of HTC devices coming in as well as those already on store shelves.

I’m not too sure why Apple insists on wasting its time, if the ITC already conducted an investigation and declared HTC not to be in violation, what makes them think they will change their minds? Just more unnecessary games (sort of like Google’s Map announcement today) that really have no lasting or detrimental effect.

More mobile drama for your momma, I say. Stay tuned for the not-so-dramatic ending to this ridiculousness.