Watch Rented Google Play Videos On Your Sony Google TV Thanks To Latest Update

Alas, a Google TV update. While it’s pretty minor, it adds a couple video services, that frankly, should have already been added. The update has begun rolling out to Sony Google TV devices — with Logitech Revue devices next on the list. If you own either of these, it’s time to dust them off and keep an eye out for the update, which will bump you up to version 2.1.1 and give you the ability to watch:

  • Movies rented through Google Play
  • on YouTube

We’re hoping to start seeing more from Google TV in the near future as it has been stagnant for too long. There’s plenty of talk about new set-top boxes and integrated TVs, but we want features, not just hardware. Let us know if you receive the update and how the viewing experience is for Google Play movie rentals. Cheers!