Lucky Number 7: Ice Cream Sandwich Breaks the 7% Mark In Latest Distribution Chart

It’s that time again, time to see what kind of progress Ice Cream Sandwich has made in the past month. Well, the good news: it’s up 2.2% points. That brings Android 4.0 up to lucky number 7.1% and rising. With the possibility of Jelly Bean right around the corner, 7.1% is actually quite embarrassing, but I’m guessing carriers don’t really care.

In other dessert news, Honeycomb dropped a minuscule .6%, while Gingerbread remained the majority leader with 65% (up .6% coincidentally). Both Froyo and Eclair saw a drop, with Froyo falling 1.8% and Eclair barely losing any chocolate with a .3% drop. Surprisingly, Donut saw a 1% rise (probably due to national donut day).

That just about does it — oh yea, almost forgot, thanks to those users suffering from metathesiophobia, Cupcake remained at a solid 3% (let go people).

Well… see you next month — hopefully Android 4.0 will have broken 10% by then.