Google Play Now Selling GSM/HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus Accessories In The U.S.

Warning: Verizon and Sprint customers look away. Google has begun selling accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play Store, only problem, they’re only compatible with the GSM/HSPA+ model. Oh yea, and you can only get them in the US. So essentially, the majority of GSM/HSPA+ users won’t be able to purchase these accessories from the Play Store and the majority of US Galaxy Nexus owners also won’t be able to purchase these accessories from the Play Store. Wake me up when this bad dream is over.

I have no idea what’s going on, but at least Google is starting to actually offer accessories to us directly via the Google Play Store. Too bad this first batch is a muddled mess, not to mention the prices — my lord! I can grab a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $50 from Amazon Wireless or Wirefly (of course I’ll have to sign a contract but doesn’t just about everyone?), yet they expect me to pay around $70 for a car dock — ouch! Sorry, not going to happen.

But if you don’t mind spending that kind of cash on something that simply holds your phone and gives it a slow charge, then by all means, head over to the Google Play Store today and pick one up.

You can also grab the weird portrait mode HDMI dock or landscape charging dock with pogo pins for around the same price. So if your $15 MHL cable or micro-USB cable just doesn’t have enough plastic casing for your liking, you can go ahead and lay down triple that for one of these accessories.

If I haven’t already convinced you to rush right over to order one of these, here’s a nice convenient link to speed up the process.