Rumored Nexus Tablet Pops Up On Benchmark Site: Seven Inches Of Quad-Core Jelly Bean Joy

As we anxiously await Google I/O, and what it may have planned for Android, we’re treated to a possible sneak peek courtesy an online benchmark site. The rumored Google Nexus tablet that’s been talked about for months appears to have taken a spin on the benchmark site Rightware. Showing up under the name Google ASUS Nexus 7, this 768×1280 quad-core mystery device actually gives us quite a bit of information thanks to a little digging by the guys over at Android Police.

If you take a look at the info, you’ll see the hardware codename “grouper” falls in line with Google’s history of naming its developer hardware after fish. Should this turn out to be the real Google Nexus tablet, it also confirms that ASUS will be the manufacturer behind what’s surely to be a 7-inch budget powerhouse.

The last bit of information worth noting, is that this mystery device carries the scent of Jelly Bean everywhere. The build number is JRN51B (build numbers usually start with the first letter of the OS name), indicating it will be a Jelly Bean device. It’s also showing up as Android 4.1, which isn’t a major increment change but could very well be the starting point for Google’s next iteration of Android.

Regardless of whether or not this information is real or fake, it has sparked a buzz around the Android community and one thing is for sure: people will be buying the Google Nexus once it becomes a reality (myself included).

So what do you think, real or fake? Are you even more excited about a Google Nexus tablet now or will you wait to see it to believe it? I, for one, am excited and can’t wait to find out more.