Over 1,600 GameStop Stores Now Carry Android Tablets; You’ll Need To Trade-In Just As Many Games To Get One

Gaming Pawn Shop giant GameStop, has announced it now carries a selection of Android tablets in over 1,600 locations. Tablets such as the ASUS Transformer Prime, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Toshiba Excite 10 can all be bought via cold hard cash, or with credit from trade-ins. GameStop certainly isn’t known for giving you a fair deal on your old games so expect to trade-in quite a few items to get that tablet.

The tablets being sold at GameStop also come loaded with GameStop extras such as free games, apps, and subscriptions. Android users should be used to pre-loaded apps by now, but these are better than your usual bloatware — they’re actually decent games like Sonic CD and Riptide.

If you’re looking to clean out a few (by few, I mean many) unused games, consoles, or Apple devices, you can do a quick search over at the GameStop site to see if there’s a location near you that now carries Android tablets.