Panasonic Releases App To Control Your LUMIX DMC-FX90 Digital Camera Remotely

If you happen to own a LUMIX DMC-FX90, you might be interested to know Panasonic has dropped an app into both the Play and App Store to allow users to view and control certain aspects of their camera remotely. The LUMIX remote allows your Live View screen to be displayed on your smartphone. As long as you perform a firmware update to your FX90, the LUMIX remote app will provide you with:

  • A remote view function that allows users to check the same image as that on the camera‚Äôs Live View screen
  • A remote shutter function that allows users to set the zoom level and shoot a still picture
  • A self shot mode function that is useful when shooting a self portrait

While not the most feature-rich app, it’s a nice camera companion to have for your FX90. Although it’s only available for the FX90 at this time, you can bet Panasonic will be updating other models to support the app.

Now head over to your respective app store and get ready to strike a pose.