Bump Adds The Ability To “Magically” Bump Photos To Your Computer In Latest Update

The creators of the popular Bump app that lets you share contact information and photos by simply bumping two phones together has bumped up their magic to include your computer. Thanks to today’s update, users will now be able to “magically” transfer their photos from their phone to their computer by simply bumping their phone against their keyboards spacebar. Say what? Yea, and the best part is there’s no additional software needed!

All you’ll need to begin transferring photos over to your computer is the Bump app for either Android or iOS and a computer with an internet connection. Navigate to the Bump website on your computer, open up the Bump app on your phone, choose the photos you want to transfer, bump your phone against your keyboard’s spacebar, hit confirm, and voila: the picture appear instantaneously!

This is great for those who don’t want to be bothered with plugging in their phone every time they want to transfer photos. It will also save on data usage for those who have been automatically uploading their photos to the cloud while on their mobile network. This is definitely worth a look and a great feature for existing users.

Below you’ll find links to the Bump app and a short video of how this new feature works.