Plants vs. Zombies Gets The Weirdest Chinese Update [Gallery]

Wait, what?

There’s a new Plants vs Zombies stage, available only in China (for now) and only on Android (for now, we hope), called The Great Wall edition. Check out the screenshots for yourselves; we’re solidly on the fence between awe and confusion.

According to M.I.C Gadget, the new stage was launched in China just a few days ago as a trial version of PvZ. The interface is localized to the Chinese language and will only be able to be accessed after playing the seven classic stages. Chinese gamers can pay 4 yuan (about $0.63) to purchase all the stages including the Great Wall of China.

Apparently, while the plants are all the same, the zombies are now ancient China themed with what look like Chinese warriors and peasants, we assume. The boss zombie is said to be the king of the Chinese state of Qin.

We’d love to get this to play here in the states, of course.

“We’re excited to be working with Tencent to bring the game to Chinese consumers, who are among the most faithful and avid PvZ fans in the entire world,” said Garth Chouteau, Sr. Director, Worldwide PR for PopCap Games. “We’re also proud that Plants vs. Zombies The Great Wall edition was designed and built for Chinese consumers by Chinese designers and developers in our Shanghai studio.” He declined to comment on whether this would be available outside of China at some point.

So for now, all we have to love are the fun graphics below. Unless, of course, we live in China, which we don’t. If you do, however, let us know about this sweet Android version of PvZ in the comments below.