3-Ways Are So Passé, Participate In A 12-Way, Free Video Chat With ooVoo

Today, independent video chat provider ooVoo, announced a significant update across multiple platforms as well as adding a new Facebook application. ooVoo allows users to HD video chat, text, or make phone calls with up to 12 friends across Android, iPhone, PC, Mac and now also on Facebook. According to Yuval Baharav, Chief Executive Officer, today’s release was a direct result of their over 46 million users:

“This release was driven by our daily interactions with our users, and by our vision of an open communications platform that seamlessly becomes part of our users’ social lives.”

The newest version of ooVoo will allow users to:

  • Experience 12-way, free video chat using the all-new Facebook application to connect to friends in and outside of Facebook on any device;
  • Host a 12-way video chat on the iPad with the ability to view four simultaneous video streams at once;
  • Connect to friends whether or not they have the ooVoo application by simply emailing, posting or texting an ooVoo Call Link;
  • Enjoy ooVoo’s major enhancements to the iPhone and Android applications with a new user interface and simplified registration using Facebook;
  • Engage with the new version of ooVoo’s PC application, packed with an all new user interface and providing the best video quality on the market from two to 12 simultaneous video streams;
  • Create self-expressive videos: driven by users’ requests, ooVoo is making free the option to record and upload video chats to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

If ooVoo sound like a good time, head over to any of the following sources to download the latest version today.

Google Play Store Link: ooVoo

App Store Link: ooVoo

Web: ooVoo.com