Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Who’s The Mobile Operating System That Rules Them All

Anyone interested in an Android powered mirror? Well, that’s what Japanese company Seraku is working on. Showing off their prototype design at Smartphone and Mobile Expo Japan, Seraku gives us a look at what the bathroom of the future could look like. Using a separate LCD monitor connected to an Android tablet and overlaid with a semitransparent piece of reflective glass, Seraku shows off the different use case scenarios for an Android-powered mirror.

While they have no commercial product ready at this time, they’re looking to get these in salons to replace the old magazine in the hand. Patrons can browse the news while getting their hair done or perhaps browse particular hairstyles they’d like to have. There was also talk about putting these mirrors in bars for patrons to fill out surveys while washing up (I’m not too sure about that one). Oh, and if you were wondering, there’s no need to worry about smudging up the mirror since RF proximity sensors are used to detect where your hands are, allowing for a non-touch interface.

While the concept certainly is cool, I’d suggest dreaming bigger than simple bar surveys. Either way, kudos to them for taking a hard look in the mirror and seeing more than just a reflection. As long as Seraku stays away from the poisonous Apples, they should live happily ever after.