Missed Yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy S III Event? We’ve Got You Covered

As you may already know, yesterday Samsung held an event in London to unveil the “next Galaxy.” The event itself was full of serene images and orchestrated music, and was a delight to watch. Oh yea, and they also showed off some new phone, umm… what was it called? That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Kidding aside, you may have already heard all about Samsung’s new beast of a device but still wish you could have seen the event. Well, now you can.

Samsung loaded up the video of yesterday’s event and we’ve embedded it here for you to see. Enjoy it for the first time, or relive the moment when Samsung announced the phone “designed for humans.” Yea, I know — who else would the phone have been designed for? Anyways, we’ve got you covered. You can check out the video below or head over to the source link to watch it there. Cheers!