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The Amazon Appstore might not have as many apps as Google Play, but it certainly offers up better deals. Take the latest giveaway, for example — it consists of 30 apps and games worth over $100, including big-name titles like Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Docs To Go Premium, and Instapaper.


If you missed out on the recent eBay deal on the 2013 Nexus 7, here’s another opportunity to grab one cheap, courtesy of online retailer Woot. For today only, you can grab a reconditioned Wi-Fi model with 16GB of storage for $139.99 — almost $100 off its regular retail price.


You should never use your smartphone behind the wheel, but if it doubles as a sat-nav or you have a good hands-free kit for taking calls, you need to be able to see it while you’re driving. You certainly don’t want to be fumbling around for it in your bag while you’re on the freeway, or having to look down at your lap turn-by-turn directions.

The best way to make your smartphone safely accessible on the road is by installing a mount in your car. And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, doing that is cheaper than you might think. For just $14 — with more than 50% off — you can buy a Universal Car Mount that fits almost any phone and sticks to your dashboard or windshield.

The next-generation of console gaming is here and the best of the bunch is the new PlayStation 4. It learns the types of games you’re into, lets you compare stats with friends, and allows you to post to social media sites like Facebook. With popular titles such as Battlefield 4 in its constantly expanding library, the Playstation 4 is definitely the console of choice.

But it is expensive. At $400, it’s not the cheapest route into gaming, but Cult of Android Deals is giving you the chance to bag a PlayStation 4 with Battlefield 4 bundle for free in our new giveaway.


Busy streets and noisy offices can spoil your favorite tunes, but you can block out background noise with a decent pair of noise-canceling earbuds. The Plasma Earbuds are no bigger than the set you’re already using, and they sound even better, because they only let you hear what you want to hear.

They’re nowhere near as expensive as you might think, either. Thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get yours for just $11.99 for a limited time — that’s 66% off the regular retail price.

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