Learn hacking for the good guys and pay what you want [Deals]


Finding faults in a computer system can mean exploiting it — which is what we’ve been conditioned to think of when we hear the term “hacker” — or it can mean you’re trying to find ways of making the system stronger.

That’s what so-called white hat hacking is all about, and it’s a skill that’s becoming increasingly lucrative as more and more businesses are looking to do business over secure networks.

This Ethical Hacker and Pentester Pro Bundle is a great way to join the light side of the hacking workforce, and you can get it for whatever you’re willing to pay.

Breaching cybersecurity systems is a serious challenge, but this nearly 150-hour ethical hacking training bundle can help any coder develop a profitable skill set.

From common platforms and languages like Linux and Python to principles of system administration and programming, this bundle of nine courses covers a full landscape of subjects that will be useful even if you just want to more thoroughly understand the systems you already work with as a developer and IT pro.

The courses and certifications in ethical hacking cover key tools and techniques for system penetration and testing, and could turn you into the Neo of your company’s network. Or maybe even the next kid to snag a $10,000 bug bounty from Instagram.

Pay what you want for this Ethical Hacker and Pentester Pro Bundle at Cult of Mac Deals.