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Humble Sega Bundle. Screenshot: Josh Levenson/Cult of Android.

Last week, Humble Bundle launched its latest ‘pay what you want’ deal with six fantastic Sega games up for grabs. Now the team are rolling out an update for its official Android application which brings the inclusion of two more games to its lineup, as well as a limited edition live wallpaper.


Crazy Taxi, the iconic Dreamcast title from Sega, is now free for a limited time on Android. The sale celebrates the forthcoming free-to-play title Crazy Taxi: City Rush, giving gamers the chance to hone their insane driving skills before its debut on Android and iOS in the coming weeks.


The Dreamcast classic Crazy Taxi made its mobile debut on iOS last September, and today it finally comes to Android. It’s almost entirely the same as the original hit — it even has exactly the same soundtrack featuring Offspring and Bad Religion — but it’s been optimized for touchscreen devices.

If you’re hoping to get a new Android or iOS devices this Christmas, the first thing you’ll want to do is load up their respective app stores and take advantage of the holiday discounts. EA reduced a stack of titles on iOS yesterday, and today Sega has been slashing the prices of its most popular mobile titles. We’ve put together a list of titles on sale — check it out below.