Critics are raving about the VOXOA Headphones’ CD-quality sound featuring 64 ohm speakers. With a foldable, compact design and clear HD voice audio for taking calls,VOXOA provides a top-of-the-line, wireless listening experience, no matter what’s on your playlist.

And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get them at less than half price for a limited time.


Become a pro web developer with a lifetime of guidance from OSTraining. With instruction from experts in their fields, you’ll learn how to hack and develop open-source programs — and for a limited time only, you’ll also save an incredible 96% with Cult of Android Deals.


Say goodbye to your annoying, bulky key ring! KeySmart organizes your keys in one convenient, compact, and lightweight place — and thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it’s just $16.99 — down from $23 — for a limited time.


Want a new, big-screen TV? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t?

Well, it just so happens that we’re giving away a 50-inch HD LG TV, for free – and we’re throwing in an awesome LG sound bar speaker to go with it.

Take your movie night from ‘meh’ to sick, with one little click…


Meet the SKEYE Nano Drone, the shockingly agile and tiny flying machine, perfect for airborne stunts (like figure 8s, banking turns, flips, etc) both indoors and out. Thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get your hands on this miniature but powerful chopper for just $34.99 — 41% off its regular price.

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