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What would you buy if you had $150 to spend in Google Play? That’s just one of the prizes on offer in Cult of Android’s $1,000 Google Play giveaway, so if you own an Android device and you’re interested in apps, games, movies, music, and more, find out how you can be in with a chance to win big below.

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It’s Friday at last. That means the last day of the working week, the start of the weekend, and the time to kick back and relax. It also means it’s time to save big and get your hands on some awesome free stuff with Freebie Friday from Cult of Android Deals.

This week, we have a whole bunch of cool stuff for you, including Tim Ferriss’ best-selling The 4-Hour Chef audiobook, images from Bigstock, 45 days of Skillfeed training, and lots more — and it’s all completely free. That means you can use your cash for other things, like your weekend!


Who wouldn’t want to be able to listen to their favorite tunes while in the shower? The only reason we don’t already do this is because electronic devices typically don’t work well when they get soaking wet. Well, now Cult of Android Deals has the answer to all your shower singing troubles.

Introducing The Bluetooth Shower Speaker. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled audio device and you are ready to go, and for the low price of just $39 from Cult of Android Deals.


How many times have you arrived at the office and realized that something you’ve been working on at home is still saved on your personal computer? How many times have you left the house without resuming your BitTorrent downloads? In situations like these, having access to your computer from your smartphone can be a life saver.

With Jump Desktop, you can control your Mac, PC, or Linux machine securely and reliably from anywhere in the world using your Android-powered smartphone or tablet. And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it’s just $2.49 (75%off!) for a limited time.


Wouldn’t it be great if it was up to us consumers to decide what things were worth before we bought them? Well, with the Name Your Own Price Android Gamer Bundle, you can.

The package includes 7 popular Android games that have a value of $16, but you can pay as much or as little as you like, thanks to Cult of Android Deals. What’s more, 10% of all the profits go to charity.

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