Kindle Fire Update 6.2.1 Brings Much Needed Performance Boost, Breaks Root

Amazon released an update to the Kindle Fire bringing it to verision 6.2.1. The update includes a much needed performance boost among other things. While this is great news for most Kindle Fire owners, it also brings some disparaging news to those who have rooted their device. This update will indeed remove your root privileges, and unlike previous updates, you won’t be able to re-root the device using the SuperOneClick utility. Of course the majority of Kindle Fire users aren’t going to care about this, and while it’s a minor setback for the hacker community, I’m sure they’ll have a fix soon. Interested in knowing what improvements come with the latest 6.2.1 update?

Software version 6.2.1 enhances fluidity and performance as well as:

  • – Improves touch navigation responsiveness
  • – Gives you the option to choose which items display on the carousel
  • – Adds the ability to add a password lock on Wi-Fi access.
  • – Ability to remove the pre-installed Facebook app

Reports have been coming in that this update really improves the responsiveness of the touchscreen and is a welcomed change. The update should begin automatically once you’re connected to WiFi but if you’d like to perform the update manually, simply follow the instruction provided by the source link below. Enjoy!