Android 4.0 Tip: Easily Access The Settings Menu From The Notification Bar

You’ve just been introduced to Android’s latest OS version Ice Cream Sandwich and trying to find your way around. You’re looking for a quick way to access your settings menu and soon realize a widget is perfect for getting you there quick. But what if you’re a minimalist and like a nice clean homescreen, free of clutter and widgets? You could always go through the app drawer to get to settings — but did you know there’s another quick and convenient way to access the settings menu?

Android 4.0 added a nice little settings menu right into the notification bar. That’s right, simply drag down your notification bar and voila, you now have one tap access to your Android settings. It’s not the fanciest tip and you may have already known it was there, but hopefully this is news to a few of you and makes your life a tad bit easier.