Latest Android Malware Disguises Itself As A System Upgrade According To NQ Mobile

We’re always hearing about possible Android malware and whether or not it’s simply FUD, we’re here to report it and remind you of the common-sense ways of protecting yourself. The latest Android malware scare comes to us from security research company NQ Mobile. According to NQ Mobile, their research has uncovered a new UpdtBot malware application file that is disguising itself as a system upgrade. NQ Mobile reports more than 160,000 Android users have been affected by UpdtBot and that it is spreading via SMS messages. Once installed, UpdtBot registers a remote Command and Control (C&C) server, which instructs the infected device to send text messages, make phone calls, and download and install apps.

While NQ Mobile admits they have no idea how it’s being used by the cybercriminals who created it, they believe they’ll attempt to make money off it. This is just another reminder to use common sense when downloading apps or clicking on links sent via SMS. Remember, any system update pushed to your phone will pop up in your notification bar and not SMS, so if you get an SMS (especially if it’s in Chinese) claiming you need to click on a link to update, it’s most likely malware.

As always, we recommend you only download apps from trusted sources, read permissions, and stay far away from random Chinese text messages. If you’re concerned you may be infected or would simply like to learn more about the UpdtBot malware discovered by NQ Mobile, hit up the source link below.