Samsung Clues Us In On Which Devices Will Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

The burning question on the minds of most Android users is: “Will my device be getting upgraded to the latest OS?” Many users are still stuck on contracts, and considering a “new and improved” device comes out almost monthly, it would be financially irresponsible to keep buying these devices at full cost. Today Samsung has announced its international list of devices that are scheduled to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Samsung hasn’t announced any concrete time table as to when, but we do have an idea of which ones will be first. Let’s take a look at which Samsung devices are expected to see Android 4.0 and whether there’s cause for you to jump up and down.

The following Samsung devices will see an ICS update according to market situation and carriers’ requirements with the GALAXY S II and GALAXY Note being first in line for a 2012 first quarter update.

  • – Galaxy S II
  • – Galaxy S II LTE
  • – Galaxy Note
  • – Galaxy R
  • – Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • – Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • – Galay Tab 7.7
  • – Galaxy Tab 7 Plus

Most of these are what you might call “obvious” update candidates but at least we have confirmation for those who may have been worried. So, did your device make the cut? If not, don’t get too discouraged as I’m sure there will be others receiving the update (and if not, I’m sure there’s a hacker working on it). Let’s just hope U.S. carriers don’t get in the way and delay these updates longer than needed.

via Android Central