Get extra Earth Day cash when you trade in your Android gear

Earth Day is even better with some extra green in your wallet. Photo: Pixabay

Earth Day is even better with some extra green in your wallet. Photo: Pixabay

Today is Earth Day. That’s good news for the environment — and great news for your wallet!

To celebrate, we’re offering an extra $10 for every product sold on our gadget buyback program through the end of the weekend. Just use the promo code “earthday” when you get your quote and you’ll grab the extra green.

Recycling or refurbishing used and broken tech devices helps our environment by reducing waste creation, lengthening the life cycle of the devices, and reducing the amount of raw resources and energy needed to create new devices.

According to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, 81 percent of the energy use associated with a computer is expended producing the machine, not consumers using it.

Refurbish or recycle Android gear to help the environment

Almost all the devices that come through Cult of Android’s buyback program are refurbished and given new life. The few that aren’t get recycled — never thrown away.

So, in celebration of our Earth and in hopes of giving our future generations a greener life, we want to help you celebrate by giving you that extra $10 for every product recycled through buyback program with the promo code: “earthday.”

Sell your Android device now

We’ll buy back your old Android devices — Samsung, HTC, LG or Microsoft — whether it’s a phone, tablet or wearable. We also buy back almost any old Apple device from iPhones to Mac Books.

Remember: This code is only good through the end of the weekend, so get your quote today and get the extra money when you sell us your old Android device. Come on, it’s for the environment!