To work with data, you have to learn SQL [Deals]


In today’s digital job market, data is king. Learning to work with the vast oceans of data that inform today’s enterprises of all sizes can be intimidating, but one thing you can be sure you’ll need to know is the SQL database language.

Knowing how to build and manage databases is one of the most lucrative skills you can add to your resume, and right now, you can learn learn SQL inside and out when you sign up for this SQL Bootcamp for only $49.

This course starts with the basics like database building, data manipulation and the fundamentals of SQL.

From there, it expands into things like Microsoft Visual Studio, building dashboard systems with SQL, C#, AJAX, jQuery and other languages, PHP, and other key topics related to database management.

It also looks at the topic through various lenses, like marketing and app building. By the course’s end, you’ll be a well-rounded database manager with specific skills in SQL.

Sign up for the Ultimate SQL Bootcamp for $49 at Cult of Android Deals and learn SQL the easy way.