Save 30% on the world’s first fully-reversible micro USB cable [Deals]


No more fumbling to plug in your micro USB devices. The MicFlip is the world’s first reversible micro USB cable, and it has an incredibly durable nylon braided cord that’ll stand the test of time.

Its cord is also tangle-free, so there won’t be a huge crisscrossed mess in your bag or pocket when you pull it out to charge up. And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get yours for 30% less for a limited time.

The MicFlip cable has gold-coated, corrosion-resistant plugs, and strong braided nylon cable for durability. Its ends are also housed in strong aluminum, and its connectors are protected by rubber surrounds.

Each cord is 6-foot long, so you can use your devices while they charge without having to sit right next to the power outlet.

The MicFlip cable is normally priced at $20, but for a limited time, you can get yours through Cult of Android Deals for just $13.99. Go place your order before it’s too late!