Prospective web developers, it’s time to tame Python [Deals]


Python’s name isn’t accidental; it’s one of the most flexible and wide-reaching web development languages around. It can seem intimidating to learn such a massively applicable language, but this comprehensive bundle of lessons make it easy to learn Python from stem to stern.

Comprising 7 courses and around a dozen hours of content, you can get it now for just $49 through Cult of Android Deals.

These lessons cover things like building responsive websites with Bootstrap, one of the most useful CSS frameworks you can learn. Study how to use Git to batch track the history of file edits, and identify when and where your code has changed.

Learn D3.js, a powerful JavaScript library that enables users to generate data visualizations. That’s just a fraction of what’s included in this bundle, which also covers general Python concepts, Flask techniques, and more.

Learn to work with Python for $49 at Cult of Android Deals.