Oops! Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt spotted using an iPhone

The iPhone camera app is clearly visible. Photo: Osen

The iPhone camera app is clearly visible. Photo: Osen

Eric Schmidt has been outspoken about his belief that Apple’s smartphones are nothing but a Samsung Galaxy clone, that user data is safer with Google than Apple, and that (slightly oddly) jumping ship from iOS to Android is not dissimilar to switching from PC to Mac.

So why wouldn’t Alphabet chairman and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt use an iPhone to document his recent trip to South Korea? Makes perfect sense to us!


Schmidt was in Korea to witness a genuinely groundbreaking demonstration of artificial intelligence — as the world’s leading Go player took on one of the Google-owned DeepMind AIs. It’s understandable why you would want to record that using the best smartphone around and, from this Cult of Mac writer’s perspective, Schmidt did exactly that.

He isn’t the first tech figure to be spotted with a phone he shouldn’t ostensibly be promoting, of course. Recently Windows Phone VP Joe Belfiore tweeted from an iPhone — although he later explained that, as his job involves getting to know the rival platforms out there, he kinda-sorta has an excuse.

More embarrassing are the times when paid Samsung endorsers like Manny Pacquiao or then-Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres are spotted ditching their Samsung handsets for iPhones.

Still, as one of the most important figures working for the world’s most valuable tech company, I wonder why Schmidt decided to go back to using an iPhone instead of one of the myriad handsets running Google’s own platform?

Source: OSEN

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