Kicked off iOS, F.lux is coming to Android

F.lux is coming soon to Android. Photo: F.lux

F.lux is coming soon to Android. Photo: F.lux

Apple may have killed the anti-eyestrain app F.lux on the iPhone, in favor of their own ‘Night Shift’ mode. But fans of F.lux on the Mac and PC will be happy to know it is now coming to Android.

For those that don’t know, F.lux is an indispensible app for PC, Mac, and jailbroken iPhones that automatically adjusts the color balance of your screen according to the time of day. The idea, borne out by many studies, is that adjusting the white balance of your computer screen later at night can help you sleep better by being less disruptive to your body’s circadian rhythms.

F.lux has long been absent from Android, but now it appears that it will be officially coming to the Google Play Store. There’s no official release set, although word has it that a public beta will be released first, so those who want to get it earlier will be able to.

Unfortunately, that’s all the details about F.lux for Android released so far. Fingers crossed it comes down the pipeline soon.

Via: Redmond Pie