iOS arcade shooter has a heart on for you this V-Day

Blast aliens for love. Photo: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Blast aliens for love. Photo: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Looking to play a fast-paced, arcade-inspired video game on your iPhone or iPad? Polyblast, like a modern mashup of retro arcade favorites Space Invaders, Missile Command, and Tetris, has just gotten a Valentine’s Day update, making this simple yet addictive little shooter a fantastic choice for your day of love.

If you love simple arcade-style shooters, Polyblast will keep you well-sated with solid gameplay mechanics, a delightful visual style, and a soundtrack that’ll take anyone from the era of quarter-gobbling stand-up cabinets back to their alien-blasting youth.

Check out the video below for a quick look at the game in action.

The Game Cooks are no strangers to mobile game development, with a level of experience on full display in the team’s latest arcade shooter. Based in Beirut, one of the most unlikely places for game dev, the team of brothers began creating Polyblast last August and released to Google Play and the App Store last October.

Since then, the 11-person team has added to the game in true free-to-play fashion, with themed seasonal levels – one for Christmas and the latest for Valentine’s day.

“We are big fans of retro games and Atari-like stuff,” the they told us, “but we wanted to blend something new and cool in it.”

The new and cool are the updated visuals and free-to-play mechanics of course, while the game plays like several arcade titles in one. Instead of moving your finger along the bottom to shoot aliens that drop from the sky, you’ll tap on one of three little gun towers at the bottom, timing your shots to blast the aliens — each of whom move around various lines and geometric shapes — out of the sky and prevent them from reaching the bottom of your screen.

The Valentine’s Day update brings another 15 levels themed for the popular day of love, each stage with a set of three stars to earn for your quiver. The colors are vibrant and red/pink, with various heart-shaped paths the menacing aliens travel along.

If you’ve got a few moments to try an addictive little shooter on your mobile device, head on over to Google Play or the App Store to get your copy of Polyblast for free right now.