Photographers, you use Adobe – you should learn it! [Deals]


Adobe’s software products have become a key part of photography for pros and amateurs alike. Photoshop and Lightroom are industry standard platforms, but this bundle of 14 Adobe certified courses extend beyond software and into photography itself.

It’s over 65 hours of top-quality instruction in shooting and editing photos, and using Adobe’s essential software to bring your photos to their highest realization.

Right now, you can get the whole thing for just $69 — down from $1,033.

The courses run the gamut, from preparation for a Photoshop CC exam to a crash course in Lightroom. Techniques for flash photography, studio portraiture, wedding photography, shooting in black and white or at night — these are skills essential to photographers at any level.

From the general to the technical aspects of photography, by course’s end you’ll simply be a more capable photographer.

Upgrade your photo skills for just $69 at Cult of Android Deals.