Samsung? This is Apple. You’re FIRED!

The A10 chip will be based on a 10nm process. Photo: Apple

The A10 chip will be based on a 10nm process. Photo: Apple

So long, Samsung! According to a new report, TSMC will be the only manufacturer of A10 chips for the iPhone 7.

According to Korean newspaper The Electronic Times, the Taiwanese semiconductor foundry will make every single one of Apple’s next generation chips.

Supposedly, TSMC won the contract over Samsung by being the first to scale down their process to 10-nanometers, which will both up performance, lower costs, and save on battery life over the A9 SoC found in the iPhone 6s.

If this rumor’s true, it’s a huge coup for TSMC. Samsung is rumored to produce as much as 70% of all A9 chips, but obviously, that relationship is strained by the Korean manufacturer’s own smartphone ambitions… as well as Apple and Samsung’s ongoing lawsuit about smartphone patent violations.

According to The Electronic Times, TSMC will go into full production of the A10 chip in Junem which seems a little too late to produce 100% of all iPhone 7 Chips by a September launch, but never doubt Apple.

Source: Reuters