Amazon is practically giving Fires and Kindles away

Maybe next sale, Amazon will pay you.

Maybe next sale, Amazon will pay you. Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s tablets aren’t the fastest or most powerful, but they sure are affordable.

As of Monday, Amazon Fire tablets and Kindles are even less expensive, thanks to deep cuts across the product line in a new Amazon Device Deals promotion.

If you’ve ever been interested in checking out an Amazon Fire 7-inch tablet, now’s the time at $39.99, a full $10 off an already amazingly low price.

The sale ends February 13, giving you just enough time to grab something for Valentine’s Day, or just because you have a spare $40 and want to try a Fire tablet out.

That’s not all, as Amazon is cutting prices across the Fire and Kindle line, offering you a Fire 10 for $50 off (now $179), the regular Kindle for $20 off at $59.99, and another $20 off a Kindle Paperwhite, bringing it to $99.99. There’s even $20 off an all-new Fire for Kids tablet, making the rugged little child-centric device an easy $79.99.

Whatever device you choose, you can’t beat these prices anywhere else. The 7-inch Amazon Fire is a great little device, giving you seven hours of reading, surfing the web, watching videos and listening to music. It’s not going to put your iPad mini to shame, but for $40, who cares? It’s still got a decent 1024 X 600 display and a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor along with rear- and front-facing cameras.

Head on over to Amazon today and save yourself a bundle with these amazing price drops.