Pay what you want to learn comprehensive coding for the web [Deals]


A key to being a successful coder is having as broad a knowledge base as possible — the more you know, the better you code.

With all the languages, platforms, and frameworks in the web development world these days it can be hard to know where to start, but with the Pay What You Want Web Hacker Bundle deal at Cult of Android Deals you can get a ground-up tour of the most in-demand tools and techniques any modern coder needs.

Here’s just some of what’s included in each class:

Learn Docker from Scratch

  • Learn one of the fastest growing virtualization technologies on the market
  • Understand the basics behind the container technology
  • Get more apps running on the same hardware
  • Seamlessly manage and deploy applications
  • 22 lectures, 4 hours of content

Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch

  • Build your next application using Cassandra DB, the powerful database management system
  • Learn how CQL works
  • Learn to Cassandra in conjunction with NodeJS
  • Learn NoSQL DB concepts by building a Twitter clone application
  • 24 lectures, 4 hours of content

Learn Web Programming in Django & Python 

  • Ease into programming by studying Python, one of the easier coding languages
  • Compliment your knowledge of Python by learning the popular Django framework
  • Learn to build smart web apps quickly and easily
  • Work on diverse practice projects like e-commerce sites, message boards, image galleres, and more
  • 28 lectures, 6.5 hours of content

Learn Bootstrap Development by Building 10 Projects

  • Learn the many uses of Bootstrap Components
  • Master the best practices for HTML, CSS and JavaScript development
  • Develop a landing page using LESS, a CSS preprocessor
  • Implement an image carousel & more
  • 74 lectures and 13.5 hours of content

Projects in JavaScript & JQuery

  • Add JavaScript projects to your resume
  • Study image galleries, sliders, scrollers, etc. with  jQuery
  • Connect to MySQL database via PHP
  • Utilize jQuery Mobile to make a mobile-based app
  • 50 lectures & 9 hours of content

Projects in PHP & MySQL 

  • Study programming technologies like PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript & jQuery
  • Utilize the royalty-free code on any future project
  • Use the MySQL API w/ PHP to power a Shoutbox
  • Create a MySQL/PHP-based quiz engine
  • 88 lectures and 23 hours of content

Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects 

  • Install Ruby on Rails & MySQL to build a simple web app
  • Build a complete blog management system like WordPress
  • Explore professional Ruby techniques while creating a Ruby image gallery
  • Extend your code to make a shopping cart
  • 47 lectures & 13 hours of content

That’s seven courses and days of learning, for whatever price you’d like to pay. Plus, 10% of whatever you pay goes straight to funding the amazing work Creative Commons is doing to keep intellectual property alive and well in the digital age.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have lots of notches on your development belt, if you’re interested in learning more about the field of web design check out the Web Hacker Bundle, and pay whatever you want for that invaluable knowledge.