Pay what you want for a full-course education in JavaScript [Deals]


JavaScript is one of the most essential languages underpinning the modern internet. It’s an invaluable entry on anyone’s resume, and with this bundle of 10 JavaScript development courses you’ll be able to claim that knowledge with confidence.

What’s more, you can pay whatever you want for the whole thing, and 10% of anything you pay goes to the good work over at Project Hope, which delivers essential medicines and supplies, health expertise and medical training to aid in disasters, prevent disease, promote wellness and save lives around the world.

Here’s some of what’s included:

Learn MeteorJS By Building 10 Real World Projects
Rapidly build and prototype cross-platform apps with this handy JavaScript framework.

  • Master use of Meteor.js to quickly build web and mobile apps
  • Get hands on practice with 10 projects like a product review app and custom login system
  • Use the Cordova integration to create mobile apps corresponding w/ your Web app
  • Understand how to craft and implement a UI
  • Build a wide range of features ranging from login systems to post creation mechanisms

Projects in ExpressJS – Learn ExpressJs Building 10 Projects
Learn this powerful back-end web development framework used by countless web apps.

  • Master Express.js by completing 10 web apps
  • Gain the skills to build single page, multi-page and hybrid web apps
  • Use the full MEAN stack: Express.js, MongoDB, Angular.js and Node.js
  • Delve into important back-end development concepts
  • Understand general principles transferrable to other app development projects

Mastering D3 & Rapid D3
Turn complex spreadsheets into effective data visualizations with powerful JavaScript libraries

  • Use the D3.js and Rapid D3.js frameworks to turn spreadsheet data into data visualizations
  • Create different kinds of visualizations: histograms, pie charts and more
  • Make your visualization responsive by adding animations and user interactions
  • Add extra features using libraries like Bootstrap, Figue and Lo-dash
  • Study the principles underlying good visualization and information design

3D Programming with WebGL and Babylon.js for Beginners
Utilize an intuitive JavaScript API to render 3D images in your browser.

  • Learn the basics of 3D programming, render scenes, meshes, materials, textures and lights
  • Work with cameras to get the desired effects
  • Include mobile support for rendered images
  • Create stunning environments with skyboxes
  • Add Babylon.js apps to existing websites

Learn JavaScript Server Technologies From Scratch
Master the most popular JavaScript technologies: Node.js, Angular.js, BackBone.js and more.

  • Easily build both server and client systems with one language
  • Add some of the most desired technical skills to your resume
  • Get a refresher on basic JavaScript: variables, conditionals, functionals and more
  • Use the jQuery library to easily create web pages and apps
  • Master frameworks including Node.js, Express.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js and Ember.js

Projects in JavaScript and JQuery
Gain hands-on experience in JavaScript and jQuery by completing 10 projects.

  • Master JavaScript and jQuery by building working apps and features
  • Use supplementary languages and technologies: HTML5, CSS3, GitHub, etc.
  • Craft statements using variables, loops, arrays and more
  • Build interactive features such as content, accordion and Apple-style image sliders
  • Use the jQuery Mobile framework to craft a mobile app

Learn NodeJS by Building 10 Projects
Use this popular runtime environment to craft lightweight, highly scalable apps.

  • Get experience in working with Node.js by completing 10 projects
  • Learn about a number of different Web technologies: HTML, CSS, NoSQL and more
  • Learn both front-end and back-end development principles
  • Design and build user interfaces for different apps
  • Implement different features including password encryption, user registration, etc.

Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch
Use an increasingly popular NoSQL system to manage large quantities of data.

  • Get an overview of basic Cassandra concepts
  • Learn to seamlessly navigate Cassandra’s data model
  • Use CQL to insert, select, update, alter & delete data
  • Build tables, utilize queries, and craft server-side web apps with Node.js
  • Select, display, add and update users

Learn NoSQL Database Design From Scratch and With CouchDB
Become a pro at creating and implementing web-based databases

  • Understand the general concepts underlying NoSQL systems
  • Dive into the CouchDB and MongoDB open source databases
  • Design databases to make your data easily accessible and manipulable
  • Learn various data aggregation techniques and Big Data principles
  • Work with JSON documents to import, manipulate and display data

Projects in AngularJS – Learn by Building 10 Projects
Learn to quickly and easily create single-page applications with this essential framework

  • Create Angular websites using 2-way binding, url routing, directives and more
  • Learn how to implement PayPal integration on web stores
  • Build a CRUD application using the Firebase API
  • Integrate Facebook and Instagram APIs into your apps
  • Understand full stack web development and important front/back-end programming concepts

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