Sharing your Snapchat username just got snappier

Snapchat user profile sharing just got easier. Photo: Snapchat.

Snapchat user profile sharing just got easier. Photo: Snapchat.

Tucked away in a recent Snapchat update for Android and iOS, users of the app will notice a new option that allows for the quick and easy sharing of a URL that links directly to their user profile. The link, which can then be copied or shared anywhere a link can be tapped or clicked, takes Snapchat users directly to the app on mobile, and then into the linking user’s profile.

Snapchat pushed updates to both of its primary applications, Android and iOS, a couple of days ago but made no mention of the new URLs.

Snapchat has offered ways to get the word out about a user’s presence on Snapchat while making it fairly easy for people to add them as a friend for a while, but the methods haven’t always been ideal. Those wanting to send something to friends to enable them to find their Snapchat profile have previously had the option of using a QR code to make the magic happen, but despite initial promise, QR codes have never managed to take off in the general populous. Links, however, are something that everyone is familiar with at this point, and the move by Snapchat to allow links to act as gateways to profiles is something of a no-brainer.

Users wishing to share their unique profile URL can pull down on the main camera view within the Snapchat app and then tap the ‘Add Friends’ button. Here, Snapchatters will see a new ‘Share Username’ button which will then allow them to send that URL to social media, other apps or simply copy it to the clipboard.

The newly updated profile-sharing version of Snapchat can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store now, and it’s still free.