Super-fast charger promises power in 5 minutes


The ASAP Dash claims it can get you power on the quick. Photo: ASAP

A new portable power supply says it can store enough juice for three full phone charges in just 15 minutes.

The ASAP Dash is looking for $30,000 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. And if it works as well as it says it does, it could be a must-have gadget for people who find themselves consistently low on power..

“Imagine the day you can say, ‘Just give me 15 minutes and I’ll have my phone charged up for a whole weekend!’ ASAP says on its campaign page. “That day has finally arrived with the launch of ASAP Dash.”

The Dash has a capacity of 5,000 mAh, which the company says is enough to charge an iPhone 5 three times and a larger-batteried Galaxy S6 one and a half after just a quarter of an hour plugged into the wall. And if you have some non-phone devices that could use topping up, the pack says it can handle those, too — it takes a standard USB input, and the included cable has both micro-USB and Lightning plugs.

The ASAP Dash will cost $119 when it launches in June, but you can score one through the crowdfunding campaign for as little as $59. We’re generally a little wary of the prospect of carrying around extra gadgets — we only have so much space in our bags, after all. But this might be one to look out for if you’re perpetually in need of a top-up.