Samsung is bringing all its best apps to iOS


Samsung is coming to iOS. Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC

Samsung and Apple have been bitter smartphone rivals for nearly a decade now, but it appears that Samsung may be ready to finally embrace iOS.

Some of Samsung’s best apps (if not all) are coming to iOS soon, according to a new report that claims the Galaxy-maker plans to pull a Microsoft and bring its apps to Apple’s platform as part of its effort to increase adoption of its connected devices.

Earlier this month Samsung revealed that it’s already working on iOS support for the the Gear S2, but the company’s ambitions are much greater than just making one iOS app, reports SamMobile. Samsung is working on a Gear Fit Manager app for iOS that will let you pair Samsung’s Gear Fit smartwatch with the iPhone, similar to Pebble’s app for iOS.

The fun doesn’t stop there though. iOS editions of the S Health app (which is basically a ripoff of Apple’s own Health app) is in the pipeline. The company is adding iOS support for the Galaxy View too by developing the Remote Control and Family Square apps for iOS.

There are also plans to make a Level app for Samsung audio devices, and a redesigned Smart Camera app could be in the works to allow iPhone users to remotely control Samsung smart cameras. It’s unclear when the apps will launch on iOS.