Sprint ad hits Verizon right in the balls


Sprint isn’t satisfied with Verizon’s ballsy claims. Photo: Sprint

The war between mobile carriers in the U.S. continues to heat up and with the latest battle, it’s personal. Sprint came out with a new ad that directly targets Verizon’s from just a few weeks ago. Using big, colorful balls to symbolize network quality and performance, Sprint claims Verizon’s ad is rubbish and outdated while the yellow network is the true champion.

“Recently Verizon had to use tiny red balls to try to make you think they had a much better network, but there’s one big thing they left out,” a narrator says in the new Sprint ad. He then goes on to state that an independent, third-party study found that Sprint’s LTE Plus network is actually the fastest network in the country, not Verizon’s network.


That is Sprint’s new ad based off of Verizon’s. Now take a look at Big Red’s original ad for context.


That ad really caught on, but more by the other carriers than consumers. A few days ago, T-Mobile fired back airing the same ad except annotating over all of the factual errors, like how Verizon apparently used data from over a year ago and T-Mobile has since dramatically improved.

And now, Sprint as you saw is getting the ball rolling too. Or balls rolling. The carrier boasts that LTE Plus is the fastest in the land plus continues its promotion of chopping 50 percent off most carrier rates in the U.S. when customers switch to Sprint. The network will also pay off up to $650 per line in switching fees like early terminations.

The credit for all of this really does have to go to T-Mobile. Before the network launched its Uncarrier initiative a few years back, the other top carriers only faced some friendly competition between each other at best. Now, they all seem to be sworn enemies willing to do anything to bring in customers. That adds up to pure awesomeness for consumers because we’re seeing loads of discounts and promotions like never before.

The bottom line for now is that each carrier will try to warp statistics in its favor somehow. Your best bet for picking a carrier is to go by experience and of course, by price. And there’s no better time than now to take advantage of savings while the carriers keep fighting a bloody battle.

So what do you think? Are you most satisfied with red balls, blue balls, yellow balls or pink balls?