There’s never been a better time to learn Linux [Deals]


As more people learn the importance of open software and operating systems, Linux is more relevant than ever.

Learning Linux can seem imposing, but even if you have no idea what a command line is, this bundle of lessons will make you a maestro of one of the most relevant software platforms in the world. The entire set of five courses, clocking in at over 22 of hours, is just $19.

Here’s some of what’s included:

High Availability for the LAMP Stack

  • Study proven LAMP stack solution with 22 lectures and 2 hours of content
  • Eliminate single points of failure in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP based web applications
  • Prepare your sites to scale and experience increased traffic without downtime
  • Watch lessons and demonstrations on actual Linux servers
  • Save time researching and testing various solutions

Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career

  • Get an introduction to key Linux concepts, commands and jargon
  • Learn how to access a Linux server, what a Linux distribution is and which to choose
  • Navigate the file system layout of Linux systems
  • Customize your shell prompt
  • Use aliases, tab completion and make your shell history more efficient

Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications

  • Get an introduction to some of the most popular Linux apps
  • Browse the web, watch movies, listen to music, create presentations and more
  • Install virtualization software so you can run Linux on your current system
  • Follow step-by-step through an installation of Ubuntu
  • Learn the differences between installing Linux in virtual and physical environments

Linux for Beginners

  • Learn the basics of Linux with over 67 lectures and 6 hours of content
  • Benefit from this course with absolutely zero previous knowledge
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to install WordPress on an Ubuntu Linux system
  • Learn to install a web server and database server
  • Study advanced command line techniques

Linux Command Line Essentials: Become a Linux Power User!

  • Master the Linux Command Line starting with eight everyday commands
  • Easily navigate your way around a Linux system and get confident with the command line
  • Receive a cheat sheet and reference card with the essential Linux commands
  • Easily and quickly locate commands and utilize the built-in Linux documentation system
  • Learn to manage files and directories, edit and display file contents

Get up to speed with Linux for $19 at Cult of Android Deals.