Pay what you want for the Complete 2016 Coder Bundle [Deal]


The world of programming is wide and wild, bristling with enough different languages, platforms and workflows to leave anyone dizzy.

These 10 courses, clocking in at over 178 hours of content, offer a travel guide for the prospective coder. The best part might be that you can get it for whatever you’re willing to pay, and a portion of every dollar you spend goes to support the important work of Save the Children.

These 10 courses run the gamut. From building over a dozen apps for Apple Watch, to running a web development business, HTML and CSS to iOS 9 and Android, AngularJS to Ruby, and lots, lots more.

Each course is hands on, giving you practical experience with each topic, and the confidence you’ll need to back up all those new lines on your resume.

Name your price or a comprehensive education in programming.