Galaxy S7 concept is shiny, smooth, and weird

Galaxy S7 concept Curved

It’s not horrible; we just don’t want it. Photo: Curved/labs

We don’t know yet what Samsung’s next smartphone will look like, but we’re not the biggest fans of this Galaxy S7 concept. It’s very … bubbly.

This design comes courtesy of Curved/labs, and it envisions a phone with a slightly larger screen than the S6 but with the same size of case. It achieves this by extending the curvature of the display to the phone’s bottom edge instead of just along the sides. And we can appreciate that, but it results in a device that just looks uncannily round.

Check it out in the video below.

This idea makes the S7 look similar to Apple’s Magic Mouse peripheral if that gadget also had a screen on the top of it. Curved/labs explains some of this version’s finer points on its blog.

“Based on current rumors and leaks, we made up our minds about how the new model could look and came up with a design with many similarities to the S6, plus some useful tweaks,” the post says.

These features include making the main camera flush with the rear casing, rounding the back edges “like Apple’s iPhone 6/6s,” and a home button that is part of the display thanks to that extra curve we mentioned above.

This Galaxy S7 concept gets some points for creativity and really playing with the design language, but we still prefer this more S6-like one. Maybe that makes us boring, but that’s the one we’d rather have in our pocket.