Sprint will stop offering two-year contracts to smartphone customers


Smartphone customers can no longer get two-year Sprint contracts. Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC

Sprint is set to match Verizon and T-Mobile by stopping offering two-year phone contracts to new customers, although two-year contracts for tablets will remain.

T-Mobile started the trend back in 2013 when it introduced its new Un-carrier payment plan, with Verizon following in August 2015, and AT&T announcing that it will do the same from today.


Some customers will be able to be offered two-year contracts on a “reactive basis” — according to phrasing in the leaked document, but for the most part this will no longer be an option for the vast majority of smartphone customers, whether they’re Android or iPhone users.

The internal document doesn’t reveal when exactly this will happen, but provided that this all turns out to be legit we’d expect it to be in the first part of 2016.

Source: Android Central