Apple could ink deal with Samsung and LG for future OLED iPhones


We’ve heard for years that Apple could incorporate OLED displays into next-generation iPhones, but over the past few months, those rumors have ramped up, suggesting that the power-sipping display technology could land as early as the iPhone 7.

Now, a new report buttresses those rumors, saying Apple is close to finalizing a supply agreement with Samsung and LG to give future iPhones OLED displays.

According to the Electronic Times, LG and Samsung are close to inking a deal with Apple to supply flexible OLED panels for future iPhones. The deal would see LG and Samsung beefing up their production facilities by almost $13 billion in the next three years to upgrade their facilities to meet demand, with Apple providing some of that money.

LG, of course, already provides the OLED panels for the Apple Watch, but this would be the first time OLEDs have been used in the iPhone. That could conceivably improve battery life and display quality for future iPhones.

But don’t expect to see OLED iPhones for the iPhone 7. Previous reports suggested the iPhone 7s would be the first iPhone with an OLED display, and this report seems to support that: if Apple is only inking the deal now, OLED iPhones are at least a year and a half away.

Source: Electronic Times