Here’s what the new, better Google Glass looks like

This is the new Google Glass.

This is the new Google Glass.

The FCC has given us our first glimpse at Google’s next-generation Glass headset today, thanks to a public filing that includes detailed photos of the new glasses aimed at enterprise.

Tony Fadell was put in charge of redesigning Google Glass into something non-nerds would actually want to wear, and based on the FCC’s images, it looks like his team has done just that. Not only is the new Google Glass slimmer and durable, it also touts a bigger display prism while packing a hinge that will allow wearers to fold it up during travel.

We still don’t know when or if Google will officially announce the headset, but based on the FCC documents, it appears that the device is nearly ready to launch.

Take a look at its internals:


It appears that the new Google Glass unit charges through a magnetic battery port. The device is powered by a faster Intel Atom processor than that found on the original Glass. There’s a front light that turns on when the camera is activated, and the power button has been moved to the back.

The Enterprise headset has been in use by hundreds of people in Google’s Glass for Work program, according to 9to5Google’s sources. It’s unlikely that the device will be made available to consumers, however, startups and other enterprise companies may have units distributed to them in the very near future.

Source: FCC